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We live in exciting times of change. New technologies present educators and their students with unique challenges and stimulating opportunities.

Access to the latest digital tools is essential. Spaces that are dynamic and flexible are needed to provide the means to deliver course material in a manner which maximises learning. Collaborative teaching methods and interactive learning equips future business graduates with job-ready skills.

Invest in the Flipped Classroom

The UNSW Australia Business School has risen to the challenge of introducing the "flipped classroom", a revolutionary model of teaching and learning that combines all the skills of a learned professor with the innate hunger for knowledge of a bright student mind. In fact, it was two pioneering academics from the Business School have developed a unique teaching model known as Playconomics, an interactive experience that plays like a videogame and teaches like an economics textbook. It's innovations like this that bring the flipped classrooms into focus.

A flipped classroom is one in which the teaching paradigm has been challenged, allowing greater interactivity and spontaneity within the cohort than ever before. The physical space of the lecture or tutorial is completely transformed by inserting state of the art technology, flexible furniture layout, mood lighting and bright colour into re-fitted classrooms.

Online reading is required before class, and students are encouraged to collaborate, increasing their negotiating skills and honing their job readiness well before graduation.

To forge ahead in this rapidly changing landscape, we need your financial help.

An exciting future is dependent on combining the latest digital advancements with our most talented business minds. 

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