Why study business at UNSW?

UNSW Business School provides world-class education, substantial career opportunities, extensive industry connections and a vibrant student community.

World-class education

We rank within the top 50 Business Schools worldwide, not in the least because we think deeply about what aspects of a business degree will be vital years from now. Expert insights on future industry trends shape our courses and research. Our academic experts include world-leading academics like Harald van Heerde – ranked 7th worldwide for his contribution to the field of marketing. Our industry experts include our global maverick Professors of Practice and the CEOs and company directors in our Business Advisory Council. Their insights ensure you graduate with relevant and valuable knowledge.

Our courses give you the flexibility to balance your education and your lifestyle. The UNSW academic year has three trimester study periods - which means you can finish a degree faster by fitting in more units of study. Alternatively, you can study less and have more time for other responsibilities. Our courses are available full-time, part-time and online and come with Learning Support to strengthen your potential for success.

Our courses have some of the highest ATAR entry requirements in Australia and we support academic excellence through our Indigenous and Pathway programs. Your studies will lead to careers in accounting, banking & finance, economics, information systems & technology management, management, marketing, risk & actuarial, and taxation & business law. For specific course details, visit UNSW Degree Finder.

Study Business at UNSW

Career potential

UNSW has produced more millionaires than any other Australian university* - UNSW Business School is proud to count Atlassian founders Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes among our global alumni. Also, our graduates are more likely to gain full-time employment and earn a higher starting wage compared to most Australian universities.**

A great career is meaningful and unpredictable - it could involve anything from launching your own business start-up to negotiating a lifetime of different opportunities. You gain a competitive edge through real-world decision-making, technical problem solving and communication skills, and the confidence to pursue passions along divergent career paths.

You can build your skillset and confidence through Career Accelerator - a program exclusive to our students that integrates your business studies with hands-on work experiences and career development. Career Accelerator provides internships and consultancy projects in Australia and overseas. The program also offers social entrepreneurship practicums for business-minded students who want to leave the world better than the way they found it.

*Spears WealthInsight 2018
**The 2018 Quality Indicators of Learning and Teaching survey showed 83.7% of UNSW Business students were in full-time employment (compared to the national average of 76.7%) on a median salary of $60k (beating the national average of $56k).

Industry connections

You are in good company. Since 1955, UNSW business faculties have established robust, diverse and global relationships with government, industry and graduates. Our connections are your opportunities.

You have access to an international network of more than 90,000 business graduates in established careers. Our Career Accelerator program connects you to Business School alumni and CPA Australia for mentoring, career advice and support. The program also holds casual networking events - so you can check out companies and decide which industry or organisation feels right.

Organisations like Google, Deloitte and Microsoft assess the career potential in our students during international business case competitions. These competitions involve travelling overseas to show you can solve a real-world business problem better than teams from other elite business schools.

In addition to opportunities for professional development, our industry connections sponsor financial prizes, awards and scholarships that can support your studies and research. In 2019 they changed the lives of 300 students with $4M in prizes.

Student lifestyle

Study, work and play with some of the most motivated Australian and international students. With Sydney's vibrant lifestyle, you could be doing anything from socialising with techpreneurs to lazing on beautiful beaches. Our campus is 3 kilometres from Coogee Beach and 6 kilometres from the central business district – and you can live on campus.

The campus is so big it has its own postcode. There are many places to eat and drink. You can shop for groceries, do banking, send letters, get a medical certificate and have your teeth checked without leaving. But when you do need to leave campus, there is a direct bus to Central Station – which connects you to Sydney trains and buses.

(Watch our campus tour video, or book a tour in person)

Our clubs and societies hold events on campus, around the city and interstate. You can join a club based on what you study, or what you’re interested in (sneakers and cryptocurrency perhaps?). It’s where you’ll find like-minded people and make friends. Find out how friendly we are here by watching the video below.

Finally, we can’t forget The Roundhouse - the place to see touring bands, hear thought-provoking speakers and enjoy big parties. It opened in 1961, and by the time you graduate we’re sure you’ll have a few stories that begin ‘This one time, at The Roundhouse…’.

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