AGSM MBA Programs is a proud member of the Partnership in International Management (PIM) network and the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM).


PIM is an international consortium of business schools from around the world which exchange select graduate students for one academic term. Each member institution represents the highest degree of excellence in the field of business administration, and delivers an MBA or graduate-equivalent degree in management.

PIM not only facilitates the international exchange of MBA or masters degree-equivalent students among its member institutions, it also encourages the development of joint ventures and cooperation among faculty members and researchers in 53 of the world's top Business Schools.

PIM member institutions

PIM member institutions share reputations for upholding the highest degree of academic excellence both regionally and globally, and value the organisation’s spirit of international cooperation among its students, faculty and administrations.

PIM member institutions have exchanged several thousands of students over the years. The know-how acquired within PIM has permitted members to develop and enhance the international commitment of their institutions.

Members meet annually to network, share best practices, discuss PIM’s strategies for growth and development and collectively address issues that impact international education.


Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM), launched in 2012 is a powerful platform created by 30 of the world’s leading business schools. The mission of GNAM is to drive innovation and create value by connecting leading global business schools, their resources, and their stakeholders.

As the only Australian university in the network, this provides a number of international opportunities for AGSM students, including the exclusive chance to apply for participation in Global Network Weeks around the world with leading business schools from diverse regions, countries, cultures, and economies in different phases of development.

GNAM member institutions

Member schools connect their students, faculty, staff, alumni and other constituencies so that they can deepen their understanding of differences and commonalities in their economies and increase their effectiveness.