Careers Month

Welcome to the 2016 Careers Month Series! Kicking off from Monday 29th August, we are excited to be showcasing an impressive lineup of respected AGSM Corporate Partners who will present over the 3+ weeks at our premier recruitment event. We encourage all eligible students and graduates to take part, so be sure to download a copy of our latest Program and register via our Career Management Platform today!

82% of attendees at Careers Month 2015 rated the variety of companies/industries 4 or 5 out of 5

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"Careers Month is a unique opportunity that can’t be missed during the AGSM MBA. When looking for a job, there is no better opportunity to meet great people from some of the most desirable firms. And the networking is not just a one-way street. In the same way that you will be there to meet people and learn what you can about these companies, the people representing these firms have come to AGSM because they want to meet and recruit AGSM MBA students."

Michael DunstanFT2014 – AT Kearney, Associate

Speaking with a wide range of Australian industry leaders throughout Careers Month is invaluable to your professional development; and when done well can provide you access to the “hidden” job market. It is up to you to stand out from the crowd and make the most of the opportunities. It's important to remember that not all companies that participate in Careers Month will be recruiting for roles immediately but this shouldn't change your job search strategy. Careers Month is a once a year opportunity to rapidly develop and expand your network, dispel recruitment myths, hear from the companies in Australia that value your AGSM qualification and hear from alumni who have leveraged their own MBA qualifications to fast forward their career across various industries and sectors.

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