AGSM eYearbook: information for students

Each year AGSM Career Development Centre produce an eYearbook featuring the very best AGSM @ UNSW Business School talent.

Join the eYearbook

If you are a current AGSM student (MBA FT, MBA (Executive) Stage2, MBAx, MBA Hong Kong), you can submit your resume to the AGSM eYearbook. To participate in the eYearbook:

  1. Log into the Career Management Platform
  2. Download the eYearbook resume template from the Resources tab
  3. Prepare your eYearbook resume using the Resume Guide and other resources
  4. Upload your AGSM-styled one page resume through the Documents tab
  5. Notify the Career Development team of your upload

Below is an easy-to-follow guide should you need to update your eYearbook resume.

If you need any assistance with logging on or navigating the platform please contact

The Search Party

The AGSM Career Development Centre has partnered with The Search Party, founded by AGSM Alumnus, Ben Hutt

The Search Party is an online marketplace that connects job seekers, recruiters and employers. They anonymise your profiles so that employers around the globe can find you based on your skills and merit. With jobs in 20+ countries The Search Party puts you in front of a wider employer base than ever before.

By participating in the AGSM eYearbook, your resume will also be represented by AGSM on The Search Party platform. If you do not wish for your resume to be uploaded onto The Search Party please let the AGSM Careers team know.

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