Career Leader

Career Leader

Career Leader is an online self-assessment tool designed specifically for business students by two career psychologists who have previously worked with MBA students at Harvard Business School.

The tool assesses students’ business interests, motivators and skills through three different questionnaires. Results are then compared to the ‘ideal’ profiles of a variety of business careers.

Students who complete the online tool will receive a detailed individual report that provides the questionnaire results highlighting the potential career paths and organisational cultural fit. The online tool also provides detailed occupational information under My Career Match.

To access Career Leader:

  1. Visit the Career Leader website and click the SIGN IN tab, then follow the onscreen prompts to the NEW USER section of the page. 
  2. You are authorised to access Career Leader with your UNSW zID email address in this format only:
    Note that the system will not allow you to access the instrument with an alternate email address.
  3. Enter your registration key: agsm-intricate (the hyphen is required).
  4. Once you have successfully logged in and registered your account, you will see the user dashboard. Click on TAKE THE TEST for each of the three inventories: INTERESTS, MOTIVATORS, SKILLS.
  5. After completing all three inventories, you may view your personalised results in each of the six sections on the dashboard My Interests, My Motivators, My Skills, My Career Match, My Culture Match and My Career Leader Report. There is a printable personalised Career Leader report available within the Toolbox section of the user dashboard.
  6. There is also a 360 degree function on the report if you wish to collect feedback from your colleagues and managers.
  7. Apart from printing your report, there is comprehensive information available on your dashboard of Career Leader – you can scroll down to find out more about the interests, motivators and skills, as well as industry-specific information under My Career Match. Learn more about your alignment under My Culture Match. From the home tab you can access career tips in the Toolbox.

Please note that Career Leader administrators suggest using Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox (not Safari) on a laptop or desktop for best results – it does not work well from an iPad or similar tablet and there is currently no app for the tool.

Should you have any questions, please contact