Internships & special projects

Please note: This section is only for full-time MBA students.

AGSM Career Development Centre engage with employers and alumni to source and create internship and project-based work experience opportunities. There are no guarantees of an internship and all interested students must apply and interview for each opportunity.

Internships will be advertised to the MBA full-time cohort as they become available. Due to the program structure and time commitments of the MBA full-time students, we encourage students to undertake internship roles in Session 3 and Session 4 only.

Internships take place over 8-12 weeks and are tailored according to the company’s requirements. Tasks or projects that the student works on during their internship can range from product development to strategy implementation.

An internship is an opportunity for students to assess and impress a potential employer, and also a great way of meeting people within an organisation or industry. Many previous students who have completed internships have been offered permanent roles.

Through your own networks and AGSM @ UNSW Business School project-based work, you will be in touch with a range of companies. You may be able to generate your own internship opportunities. Please keep AGSM Career Development Centre informed of your progress.


  • Ensure the employer offers responsibilities that are suitable to the MBA level.
  • Request an orientation pack in advance to ensure you're able to hit the ground running during your internship. This could include past company presentations, procedures to request/create various logins (eg, windows set up and access to the company intranet), helpdesk number, organisation chart and descriptions of key functions, brief history and key business strategies.
  • Touch base with the person you report to at least once a week, and ensure there is an overall understanding of the MBA internship program by general management. You want to make sure people within the business know the internship is not intended to be a rotation throughout the different departments of the company. A briefing session to the management team, by the person you report to, could be a useful way to clarify the purpose and expectation of the MBA internship program.
  • Suggest a performance review half way through the internship. This is a good checkpoint to make sure your performance meets their expectations. Try to gain as much insight as you can into career development within the sector. Also try to identify and meet any AGSM MBA alumni who work for the company.

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