Profiling your Company

Companies are welcome to visit the UNSW Kensington campus to promote their company to AGSM students. Information sessions can be held at any time during the school year.

Information sessions provide companies with the opportunity to profile their business to AGSM students and to discuss potential roles within their company. Careers Month is primarily designed for companies to make offers to students for post-MBA roles, but also provides a forum for companies to seek student interns.

Events can be formal or informal and may include an individual presenter, a panel discussion or an interactive round table presentation. Past successful events have focused on case studies, competitions, wine tasting and industry expert speakers.


All sessions are 90 minutes in duration and split between a formal session and a 'mingling' session, where students and company representatives have the opportunity to interact in a more informal capacity.


Sessions are normally held in the morning from 8 A.M. to 9:30 A.M. (breakfast session), between 1 P.M. and 2:30 P.M. (lunchtime session) or in the evening, starting at 6 P.M.. Careers Week is usually held in September.


Information sessions are generally held in a lecture theatre at the AGSM building at UNSW’s Kensington campus. Theatres are fully equipped with audio-visual equipment (screens, computers, etc.).

Other venue options include the company’s own office or the UNSW CBD campus, which has theatres available for hire.


There is no charge for presenting on campus, or for any of the associated marketing, response-handling or administrative services provided by the Career Development Centre team. However, any optional catering arrangements will need to be covered by the company. The AGSM Career Development Centre team can provide details for UNSW’s preferred catering suppliers.

For more information please phone +61 2 9931 9377 or email