Student Society and Clubs

Shape your own MBA experience by joining something you can be proud of.

Get involved through a variety of social or industry aligned clubs, all of which have both formal and informal events throughout the year.

AGSM Student Society

AGSM MBA Student Society is the student elected body that oversees the general affairs regarding the AGSM full-time student population. The roles are a long-standing and an important part of the MBA experience, working as a bridge between the student population and AGSM staff. Duties include student representation at executive meetings, stewardship of the program and instigating new mechanisms to improve the experience of AGSM students. Reaffirming AGSM culture is also a core part of the AGSM Student Society.

Meet your AGSM Student Society 2018 - 2019

Woo Kim

Lucinda Whitty

Finance Manager
Lucas Vilela de Souza

Health & Wellbeing Manager
Bradford Swartz

Digital Manager
Sathish Kumar Manoharan

Events Manager
Nick Beardsley

AGSM Student Clubs

AGSM student clubs are run by members of the full-time MBA program. They offer students the chance to get involved, network with other MBA students, meet alumni and learn more about industries that may be of interest during their studies.

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The Consulting Club

The Consulting Club is one of the largest student run clubs at AGSM. The Club’s purpose is to introduce members to the consulting industry and establish a strong connection with the industry, to develop members’ consulting skills in preparation for a consulting career and to create a supportive network of members to help each other.
President: Andy Tasnavites


The Marketing Club

By understanding that marketing will form a key part of your business strategy, the Marketing Club aims to provide industry best practices through master-classes, workshops and marketing competitions. We will continue to grow and develop strategies and methods for effective and successful marketing results.
President: Bassim Hamoutahra


The Women in Leadership Club

The AGSM Women in Leadership Club’s mission is to improve gender equality literacy among its members. Diversity and equality are not solely issues for women, as many AGSM alumni will likely be responsible for managing diverse teams, or even implementing diversity policies within their organisations. Can you afford not to be gender equality literate?
President: Smriti Agarwal

Diego Casares Silva

The Innovation, Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship Club

The I.C.E Club will foster the Entrepreneurial & Innovative spirit and provide club members with resources and opportunities to facilitate a significant step in their entrepreneurial and commercial ventures through collaboration, hard work and fun.

President: Diego Casares Silva

Jaibeer Singh

The Social Impact Club

As a club of responsible, holistic individuals, we seek to gather collective input and action from the AGSM community to create tangible societal changes and leave a positive impact.

President: Jaibeer Singh

Anatoly Logunov

The Finance Club

The AGSM Finance Club strives to bridge the gap between the classroom and the financial industry by cultivating relevant and reliable relationships with leading companies and individuals. We host discussions and lectures about financial topics and important economic trends and provide opportunities to connect with fellow alumni in the financial services sector through networking sessions and talks from corporate leaders.
President: Anatoly Logunov

Aamir Ognawala

The Public Speaking and Debate Club

The Public Speaking and Debate Club at AGSM is all about giving its members the most important skill a leader needs - good communication. We do this by organising various events and workshops that help you improve your public speaking and presentation skills in a fun and safe environment while allowing you to expand your network and explore new possibilities with the skills you develop here. Join the club now to make sure you stand out from the crowd.
President: Aamir Ognawala