Graduate Certificate in Change Management

The objective of the Graduate Certificate in Change Management (GCCM) is to develop effective agents of change. You and your course colleagues will learn how to influence organisational change, both through your own actions and those of others.

The program provides the theoretical foundation for understanding organisational change and the practical skills to facilitate the development and implementation of change successfully.

Graduates of the GCCM Program find that they become more involved in the key strategic decision making process of their own (or their clients') organisations - and experience both significant career enhancement and professional fulfilment that come with these added responsibilities.

Program benefits

  • Learning the practical skills, techniques and knowledge to achieve successful change in your organisation
  • Flexible, time effective online learning model which optimises study and research time
  • A curriculum designed to develop your personal capabilities - as a leader and change agent
  • A focus on building and re-shaping capabilities in your organisation, to enable the delivery of sustainable change
  • Identification of the common de-railers of change and how to avoid them
  • The development and use of new organisation change strategies to ensure that sound theory underpins your practice
  • Developing a critical understanding of group and team dynamics
  • Applying the learning immediately with job-specific solutions to current business problems
  • Gaining a future perspective on change that will prepare your organisation for tomorrow’s challenges
  • An action learning process that trains observation, reflection and the creation of new strategies
  • A collaborative learning environment
  • Developing valued relationships

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