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More than ever, talented business people know they can’t accomplish great things alone. Having a like-minded but diverse group of peers to exchange ideas with, to inspire and be inspired by is critical to career growth.

Bringing exceptional people together

Driven people don’t take time out to achieve their goals; they put time in. So we created a flexible, part-time MBA (Executive) program that delivers immediate benefits in the workplace. And they know the better the quality their network, the better their chance of success.

More than just equipping you with academic qualifications, The MBAE allows you to harness the power of collective intelligence. You’ll graduate with a network that keeps growing with you.

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The tools to make your masterpiece

However you imagine your future, the MBAE will help you create it.

  • High quality, research-driven, management education designed by a leading faculty
  • Each course is a comprehensive, self-contained learning package
  • Every week’s work is immediately relevant - enabling you to apply new skills and concepts in your job setting from Day One.
  • You’re in good company with high-calibre cohort and instructors
  • The ability to attend classes in multiple locations with a synchronised timetable in five capital cities (Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Melbourne, as well at three locations in Sydney)
  • You’re enabled to balance weekly work, study and personal commitments: you set the pace of your course enrolment and can defer sessions if necessary
  • Access to our international exchange program with leading international business schools
  • Online access to all program content, including course materials, timetables and exam results
  • Online access to thousands of academic and business journals through the UNSW Library

Applied learning

Your job provides the raw material that you apply to assignments throughout the MBA (Executive) program. Readings and class discussions provide the opportunity to reflect on your experiences in a structured way as you exchange ideas with others.

Quality conversations deliver new insights – valuable to both course projects, as well as your workplace. Highly qualified and experienced instructors facilitate this exchange.

Collective intelligence

Powerful dialogue and interactions happen best when you’re in the moment. The MBA (Executive) program offers a rich, collegiate style of learning for cohorts of like-minded people to push their limits. Keen intellects, diverse backgrounds and skill sets spark an exchange of ideas starting in the classroom.

A natural networking environment

The emphasis is on clarifying and debating issues, exchanging ideas and collaborating with your cohort. Close class contact, teamwork and residential learning help you build your network from Day One.

We also encourage you to take advantage of the activities and support networks beyond the classroom. From student organised or alumni-based events, to guest speaker lectures, these activities build your network and provide a break from work and study.

A complete program

Course materials are created by the teaching faculty– a valuable element of intellectual property you’ll take from your MBAE

You’ll receive a comprehensive package of learning materials at the start of each course, letting you complete each week’s work at your own pace.

Convenience and flexibility are important to ensure your limited time can be fully applied to learning. All additional readings, including journal articles, book chapters and case studies are incorporated within course materials, saving considerable time and effort.

Quality courses

Courses with the MBA (Executive) program typically have a leader drawn from our faculty to ensure the highest academic standards are maintained.

Course leaders are responsible for creating the material used within each course and ensuring both rigour and relevance on an on-going basis.

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