MBA Hong Kong

The AGSM MBA Hong Kong program is designed for practising managers keen to develop and apply new skills to the business world in which they operate.

It provides a rich intellectual exchange and offers flexible course delivery to enable you to balance study and work commitments.

The AGSM MBA in Hong Kong provides:

  • World-class faculty with knowledge of regional business practices
  • Access to high-calibre, powerful and influential peer group and alumni network
  • The opportunity to develop global business capabilities and management tool kits
  • A curriculum driven by the business challenges facing today’s managers
  • Development of strong interpersonal, team-work and leadership skills
  • Flexible study options
  • A high-achieving culture and supportive, cooperative ethos
  • An innovative learning environment with classes in a convenient central location

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A flexible approach

Flexibility is a defining feature of the AGSM MBA. The program is delivered in an intensive modular format to help you balance your work and study commitments. We offer a wide choice of electives so you can tailor your study to suit your career aspirations.

A practical focus

Throughout the AGSM MBA program your own job provides the raw material that you apply to your assignments. Readings and class discussion offer the opportunity to reflect on your experiences in a structured way. New concepts and tools learnt in class can be applied to course projects, as well as to the challenges of your workplace.

Our faculty and guest lecturers share their expertise and practical experience, offering insights with local relevance.

A natural networking environment

The AGSM MBA program in Hong Kong offers a rich, collegiate learning environment with an emphasis on clarifying and debating issues, transferring learning and sharing experiences with your class colleagues. Keen intellects, diverse backgrounds and contrasting professional skill-sets contribute to a productive interchange of ideas that starts with lively discussions in the classroom.

Significant professional relationships form through close class contact and teamwork. Whilst we recognise that you are busy, we encourage you to take advantage of the activities available outside the classroom. Our lifelong learning seminars, career management seminars and alumni events extend your networking opportunities and provide a break from work and study.

A complete learning package

We understand that convenience and flexibility are important to ensure your limited time can be fully applied to learning. At the beginning of each course, you receive a comprehensive package of learning materials, which becomes a valuable resource. All additional readings, including journal articles, book chapters and case studies, are incorporated into these course materials, which are carefully designed by faculty teaching on the program.

A commitment to quality

The AGSM MBA Hong Kong program is taught by faculty drawn from around the world. They ensure courses are relevant to students by bringing to the program cutting-edge research and knowledge of industries in the Asia Pacific region.

We consistently monitor the quality of program content and delivery through diverse means, including a rigorous system of evaluation by students. This maintains the levels of excellence on which our reputation is based.

Registered under the Non-Local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance. EDB Reg No. 210655/210657. It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualification to which this course may lead.

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