Career Development Centre

The AGSM Career Development Centre team are dedicated to assisting AGSM MBA students to fulfil their career goals through the provision of support, guidance and useful resources.

AGSM Career Development Centre has developed various password protected information sections and resources for MBA Hong Kong students. Resources include:
  • Online jobs board
  • Access to events and presentations
  • Participation in the annual AGSM MBA Online Yearbook
  • Telephone Career Coaching Service
  • A career planning and job readiness toolkit

Visit the Career Development Centre to find out more.

Online jobs board

All MBA-stage students and alumni have access to the online Jobs Board, which is accessible with your student number and password. Positions in Asia and Australia targeted at AGSM MBA graduates are posted on the board by companies and recruitment firms.


The annual AGSM MBA student Yearbook is distributed to employers and selected recruitment firms across the Asia Pacific region. Your resume will also be included in our online CV book, which can be searched by employers and alumni globally.

You can update your CV in the online book as frequently as you wish, and, if you prefer to protect your identity, your CV can also be 'blind', which means that your personal details will be removed and your company name replaced with a generic descriptor. The Careers Services team can assist you with preparing your CV and blinding it, if required.

Opportunities in Australia

AGSM MBA graduates can take advantage of the services provided by the Careers Services team in Sydney, which is particularly useful for repatriating Australians.