MBAX is AGSM’s next generation online MBA. A unique online management degree that also allows you to specialise, the MBAX will prepare you to seize the opportunities in front of you and give you the edge you need to succeed. 

MBAx is here and now

The innovative online format allows you to gain an MBA from a leading business school with a flexibility that fits in with your lifestyle. You’ll be able to apply the concepts and tools to your professional life immediately, while preparing for great things in the future; accelerating your current career, following a new path or building a new enterprise.

Specialist programs made for you 

The innovative MBAX combines an online management Master’s degree with a specialisation; a new generation MBA for those eager to turn vision in to action. Note, the Operational Excellence specialisation is a combination degree, made up of courses from AGSM Short Courses, face—to-face Lean Six Sigma belt certification* and the MBAX online core subjects.


The MBAX is right for you if you are looking for: 

  • An MBA from a top business school 
  • A unique blend of business management education and a specialisation of your choice: technology, change, social impact or operational excellence
  • A high-quality learning experience with truly flexible, online delivery
  • The flexibility to choose your specialisation after commencing your studies

A balance of theory and practical tools that can be applied directly to your professional life today and leveraged to accelerate your current career, change career paths or build a new enterprise in the future.

The MBT degree strengthened

MBAX was born from the enduringly popular and innovative MBT program which commenced in 1992. We've taken everything we've learned from over 35 years of management education and 20 years of online delivery and applied it to the MBAX.

Current MBT students (those accepted into the program up until and including Session 1 2015 (Term 5154) have until Session 2, 2019 to complete their Masters of Business & Technology and be awarded an MBT by UNSW.

As AGSM continues to innovate the content and delivery of our programs there will continue to be improvements and changes. By the end of 2015 we will see the MBT/MBAX program transition into a 3-session model which will afford even greater flexibility for AGSM students to select from a variety of courses, delivery models and networking opportunities.

MBT Alumni are amongst the most passionate and active of our AGSM alumni community and they will continue to play an important role in everything we do. The MBA (Technology) will increase the recognition and strength of the MBT degree, by ensuring that the legacy of the MBT remains an active and continuing part of the AGSM brand. We intend to facilitate engagement between MBT Alumni, MBT current students and MBA (Technology) students to ensure that all groups are part of a respected network of technology specialists.

So, as an MBT degree remains an internationally recognised program, the AGSM brand continues to strengthen through the diversified portfolio of world-class management programs such as the MBAX suite of programs. AGSM MBT and MBAX alumni and students will continue to play a key role in AGSM’s richly diverse alumni community and we’re proud to call our MBT students and alumni the pioneers of this first-of-its-kind specialist MBA degree.

*FEE HELP is not available for the AGSM Short Courses Lean Six Sigma certification

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