​"AGSM and Wharton will help me expand my networks and create invaluable business connections that will continue to influence and drive my career within the Australian business market."​

Anatoly Logunov, 2018 recipient of the Luminis AGSM Wharton Business Innovation Scholarship

​"I am humbled to be accepted into such a prestigious institution as AGSM and extremely proud of the value that AGSM places on our serving military personnel in offering this scholarship."

​Timothy Willetts, 2018 Military Scholarship recipient

​Lucinda Whitty, Smriti Agarwal, Aswathi Thandassery, Aishwarya Sharma, Soledad Garrido Ortiz

​2018 Women in Leadership Scholarship Recipients

AGSM Community and Alumni Scholarships

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Professor Wanbil Lee Prize for Ethical Leaders in Business
For AGSM students and alumni who demonstrate entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and business ethics which are reflected in active ethical practice within their workplace.
Applications now closed until 2019.