Digital Transformation

Lead your organisation through successful and sustainable Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the integration and substitution of digital capability across an organisation, fundamentally achieving operational efficiency and effectiveness gains while also delivering improved value to customers consistently. It's also a cultural transformation that requires continuous challenge of the status quo, experimentation, agility in ways of working, a growth mindset and gaining comfort with failure and iterative development.

To successfully lead a Digital Transformation, leaders will need a combination of technical knowledge, the strategic tools to plan for the possibilities of the future and a best practice on executing and embedded into organisational culture.


AGSM Short Courses will be progressively releasing a suite of Digital Transformation courses through 2019 – 2020. Designed with current and emerging organisation leaders in mind, these courses will cover core topics including:

  • Managing Digital Technology
  • Value Creation through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
  • Harnessing Digital Marketing Tools
  • Building and Maintaining Platform Businesses
  • Navigating your Future Workforce
  • Understanding and Leveraging Emerging Business Models

The courses are designed to balance an appropriate level of technical knowledge with a case-study approach that sets out the implications for organisations. This enables leaders to ask informed questions of vendors, take no-regret investment decisions, and ensure that their respective organisations are remaining relevant and competitive.

In addition to these new courses AGSM will also be running a series of thought leadership events.

Click HERE to listen to Dr Liming Zhu and Matthew Byrne discuss developments in artificial & augmented intelligence, the data driven future and what leaders will need to have in their skill and mind sets to be successful.

Dr. Zhu is a conjoint full professor at UNSW, chairs Australia's blockchain standards committee and leads the Software and Computational Systems Research Program at Data61, CSIRO.

Matthew Bryne is the Program Director of AGSM's flagship leadership program the General Manager Program.