Healthcare Leadership and Management

Healthcare Leadership and Management

Evidence-based short course series

UNSW Medicine has a rich history in building the future of the health industry. For more than 60 years our leading educators, researchers and clinicians have translated discoveries into breakthrough cures, public health strategies, policies and turned high achieving students into the leaders of healthcare with globally recognised qualifications.

UNSW Medicine has partnered with AGSM @ UNSW Business School to deliver practical and interactive learning experiences that will enable you to develop new skills, integrate the best evidence base into your practice, shift behaviours and catalyse the next stage in your career.

UNSW Medicine is developing three series of short courses designed to upskill leaders within Australia’s healthcare system. Register your interest in these upcoming courses below.

Series 1 – From clinicians to healthcare leaders

  1. Introduction to Australia’s Healthcare System.
    Developing foundational knowledge of and strategic insight into the politics, structures, governance and funding arrangements within the Australian healthcare system.
  2. General Management in Healthcare.
    Developing foundational knowledge of and strategic insight into organisational planning and budgeting, resource implementation, service monitoring, program evaluation and innovation.
  3. Clinician’s as Healthcare Leaders.
    Preparing clinicians for leadership roles within any healthcare setting in Australia, this course offers participants foundational knowledge of the capabilities required for leading healthcare teams and organisations now and in the future.
  4. High Performing Teams in Healthcare.
    Equipping emerging healthcare leaders with the tools and techniques for mobilising, developing and leading high performing teams in healthcare.
  5. Creating a Culture of Accountability in Healthcare.
    Developing foundational knowledge of and strategic insight into accountability in healthcare for fulfilling the fiduciary responsibilities to ensure patient safety and minimise harm.

Series 2 – Moving towards value-based health care (VBHC)

  1. Introduction to Value-Based Healthcare in Australia.
    Providing fundamental knowledge of value-based health care to support health services to better deliver what consumers value, while improving outcomes and maximising efficiencies.
  2. Organisation Design and Structure for Value-Based Health Care.
    Providing tools and frameworks for designing health service organisations or health settings for value-based health care considering strategy and policy, operating and service delivery models, process flows, organisational structures, roles, skills, staffing, governance, culture and technology arrangements.
  3. Change Management for Implementing Value-Based Health Care.
    Developing strategic insight, tools and frameworks for managing and leading change for implementing value-based health care projects.
  4. Navigating Politics for Impactful Change.
    Introducing tools and techniques for navigating workplace politics constructively to engage and influence others moving towards value-based health care.
  5. Workforce Planning and Development for Value-Based Health Care.
    Developing insight into workforce planning and its importance as a critical management planning tool for transitioning to value-based health care.

Series 3 – General Short Courses for the Future of Work in Health

  1. Being Human at Work: Emotional Intelligence as a Tool.
    Providing insight and approaches for engaging with others through practical applications of emotional intelligence.
  2. Organisational Change Management in Health.
    Providing tools, insight and approaches around what it means to lead, engage, influence and relate with others in diverse health settings in readiness for planned or unplanned change.
  3. Workforce Planning and Development.
    Preparing healthcare leaders for the future of work in health care through workforce planning and management skills including talent and human capital management.
  4. Business Process Re-Engineering.
    Techniques and approaches for the redesign of core business processes to achieve improvements in workplace productivity, reduce costs and cycle times, and increase care quality.
  5. Project Management within Health Care.
    Equipping healthcare staff with the skills and knowledge in project planning, team mobilisation, governance, project leadership and budget management, stakeholder communications and engagement, agile project execution and control, risk management, and project closure.

Our short courses enable a tailored educational experience to reach your individual career goals, contributing to your continuing professional development. Upon accruing 15 credit points through completing UNSW Medicine short courses, you will receive an Executive Certificate in Health which may be submitted for Recognition of Prior Learning for 6 Units of Credit towards a Postgraduate Course in Medicine.

We have crafted a series of courses in health systems, leadership and management to provide students with the essential knowledge, skills and attributes required for senior managerial roles in health services both in Australia and internationally. Each course series has been developed to assist healthcare professionals, managers and leaders of public and private health organisations to upskill or advance their knowledge in a particular area drawing upon their prior experience.

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