The Authentic Communicator: Activating Presence

Communicate with influence, engage your audience, lead with impact.

An influential leader is a powerful communicator, has strong presence and is authentic. This intensive workshop develops vital leadership communication skills for public speaking engagements, meetings, presentations and 1:1 conversations. Learning from the performance and acting spheres, you’ll develop the confidence and skills to overcome nerves and adapt to your audience and context to increase your presence and impact.

Featured Participant
Dane Menelaws

The AGSM team were fantastic. They really picked up on where everyone was at very quickly and worked with each participant individually. I was amazed that this could be done on a two day program. It was a revelation that I could actually do this and when I got back to work, I did.

Dane Menelaws
Manager – Financial Accounting and Reporting, FIIG Securities

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