The Authentic Communicator: Activating Presence

The Authentic Communicator: Activating Presence

Enhance your understanding of others and increase your emotional intelligence to lead with confidence.

Emotionally intelligent leadership is critical to motivating, engaging and leading others effectively. Discover how to integrate these behaviours into your personal leadership style, recognise and adapt the impact you have on others and lead with confidence.

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The course was excellent. It was both engaging and practical, and as a result I am continuously applying the skills that I learned and adding value in my role at First State Super.

Ciara Gaffney
Senior Legal Counsel, First State Super

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Featured Participant

It was fascinating to see what can be achieved in only two days. The moderators managed to deliver a customised experience to a diverse group of professionals. We covered a lot during this time and the atmosphere and group dynamics were excellent. I specifically enjoyed observing the progress of other group members and being able to see my own improvements via video recording.

Andreas Konhäuser
Marketing Specialist, Morningstar Australasia

This program threw me into the deep end by taking me out of my comfort zone through an interactive, hands-on approach that focuses on applied learning. As a result I have been able to refine my daily communications style and deliver a clear and articulate message with confidence.

Rory McQuillan
Chief Operating Officer, Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute

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