Six Sigma

Develop a Lean Six Sigma toolkit to address complex process issues, identify current and future challenges and transform your business.

Transforming your business to respond to market changes is critical to survive and grow in a globally competitive environment. Acknowledged as one of the most powerful tools to drive transformation and improve enterprise performance, Lean Six Sigma helps individuals, teams and businesses to identify and respond to threats and opportunities in a sustainable and efficient manner.

Featured Participant
Ebru Kotwal

The AGSM Green Belt structure and content really resonated with me; more than just building technical skill, it focused on real-world application. I could use these tools immediately to make significant, sustainable change to both our internal procedures and the client experience. It’s been a win for me, the business and most importantly, the client.

Ebru Kotwal
Manager – Advice Delivery, Perpetual Private – Business Operations
AGSM Green Belt

Combining the rigour and academic excellence of Australia’s leading business school with business knowledge and expertise, the Master Black Belt Program provides a unique opportunity for future-minded organisations to be at the forefront of thought leadership and drive a more productive Australia.