Strategy, Change and Innovation

Design and execute strategy, lead change and generate new ideas to sustain your competitive advantage.

Leaders are constantly being challenged to find new, agile ways to generate ideas and execute strategy to future-proof the business and continue to connect with customers in an ever-changing marketplace.

Our strategy courses give you the practical skills and fresh perspectives to deliver strategies, navigate change and identify opportunities for growth to create value and sustain productivity.

Featured Participant
Shannon Cox

Attending the course gave me an opportunity to do a health check on how I approach my role and post-course, I have allowed more time for strategic thinking to be more proactive rather than reactive. I have also identified changes I can make to increase collaboration across my business unit. The course materials were interesting and relevant and the presenters were engaging. I also enjoyed working with the other participants as there was such a diverse range of industries and roles represented.

Shannon Cox
Operational Integrity Manager, Link Group