AGSM International Business Experience (IBE) and Study Tours

AGSM International Business Experience (IBE) and Study Tours provide students with a unique opportunity to experience business environments that are culturally, physically and institutionally different from those in Australia. 

Each year students have the opportunity to take advantage of the International Business Experience elective course (IBE) that provides an immersive, holistic approach to teaching and learning, incorporating both conceptual and experiential knowledge. This elective course is open to all AGSM MBA students.

Another study tour opportunity led and facilitated by AGSM faculty is the Silicon Valley Study Tour  where students have the opportunity to spend 7 days in San Francisco and Silicon Valley and immerse themselves in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Spaces are limited and applicants are considered for participation on the basis of strong academic standing (WAM), the quality of their application, progression potential and cohort diversity.

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Why choose an AGSM IBE or Study Tour?

  • Study in an intensive format
  • Gain valuable insight into the operations of progressive global corporations in different countries
  • Build a strong international network and make life-long friends


To be eligible to apply for these competitive and highly popular study tours, students must have successfully completed a minimum of two AGSM courses with a WAM of 65% or above at time of application.

How to apply

If you would like further details about the courses, please see the previous course schedules at the bottom of the page.

  • These courses are not open for general enrolments. A separate application process takes place around March each year.
  • Please note that there are limited spaces available. Quality of application and academic results and study progression are taken into consideration.
  • Once places are filled, you can still apply and be placed on a waitlist.
AGSM International Business Experience (IBE) China - Shanghai, Hangzhou and Chengdu

IBE China/Hong Kong course overview

Study tour dates: 30 August - 6 September 2020

Applications will be open TBC March 2020.

Study tour dates: 3-11 September 2019
Applications have closed for the 2019 study tour.

The International Business Experience (IBE) provides an immersive, holistic approach to teaching and learning. It is not only conceptual knowledge but also experiential knowledge that provides the necessary skills to become a global leader. 

During this course, students will hear from industry leaders, government officials, business professionals, and academic experts. Business visits are supplemented by social visits to NGO and NFP organisations, giving students exposure to the varying lifestyles and the social fabric of the country.

The format consists of a pre-departure online component followed by an 8-day immersion in the business, cultural and social aspects of the cities and countries visited. Being able to identify and capitalise on opportunities is something that cannot be learned without being exposed more intensely to the new global business environment.

"There is no better way to experience the cultural and social contexts which influence how businesses operate abroad than to visit one of the destination countries. The AGSM international study tours enrich the MBA experience, broaden one's perspective and create lasting memories"

Sean Andrews, Japan & Korea IBE past participant

"My IBSA China and HK trip was experiential learning at its best. The trip opened my eyes to the multi-layered and interwoven challenges that businesses and individuals face in doing business in China and the various support mechanisms available to assist"

Andrew Housden, China & Hong Kong IBE past participant

AGSM Silicon Valley Study Tour

Silicon Valley Study Tour course overview 

Study tour dates: 17 - 23 May 2020
(this study tour has been cancelled)

The Silicon Valley study tour provides students with an opportunity to gain deeper insight into the world's most successful start-up ecosystem;  to identify the lessons that can be learnt for countries and individual companies seeking to enhance innovation and to foster greater levels of entrepreneurship. 

Following engaging online discussions and interactions in preparation for the study tour, students will spend five days meeting with and gaining insights from entrepreneurs, investors, executives, industry experts and alum who are living and working in the Valley. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity where students can develop practical insights and fresh perspectives to bring back to their workplaces and apply to their organisations.

"My study trip to Silicon Valley earlier this year was an experience filled with delight, cultural learnings and "Aha" moments. Visiting Silicon Valley is like visiting a Michelin starred restaurant. Sure, you can read about it, hear about it and even visit the copycats in other cities - but the secret sauce only exists there. "

Sanjay Gidwani- past participant

Past IBE Study Tours