Global Network Weeks

You may apply to take a course during the Global Network Week (GNW) and receive 6UOC from AGSM in lieu of taking one elective course at AGSM. This short-term exchange opportunity is for students looking to gain an international perspective at another network school in a focused mini course that leverages the perspectives, programs, and faculty expertise of that school. Classes are conducted in an intensive mode over 5 days which is ideal for students with a busy work schedule.

Please visit the Global Network website for more information about course offerings and timings.


To be eligible to apply, students must have successfully completed a minimum of two AGSM courses with a WAM of 65% or above at time of application.

How to apply

Students can apply for one of the GNAM schools for one elective (6UoC).

  • Application dates and link will be advertised in the online student community & AGSM newsletters
  • Spaces are limited for AGSM students and the applications process is competitive and based mainly on WAM
  • Make sure that you have a free elective to complete that you can use this the exchange as credit for (ask Student Experience if you’re unsure
  • Tuition fees are payable to AGSM at the current course rate and can be deferred to Fee Help if you have this applied for your other courses
  • Please note that exchange will be credited as Credit Transfer and therefore will not impact your WAM (weighted average mark)
GNW March 2020

9-13 March 2020
Applications are closed

GNW June 2020

8-12 June 2020
Applications open Thursday 30 January 2020 – Sunday 9 February 2020
Please apply here

GNW October 2020

19-23 October 2020
Applications open Wednesday 8 July 2020 – Sunday 19 July 2020
Please apply here

Contact AGSM International

+61 2 9931 9400​​ ​​​