Course delivery options

AGSM @ UNSW Business School programs offer flexible course delivery options that let you fit your study around your schedule.


Are comprised of 12 weekly (Face to Face) evening classes (90 minutes). Punctual attendance is expected at all classes. Weekly classes require a minimum 80% attendance. You may attend up to 3 alternate classes as a visitor due to illness, critical work projects or travel.

All assessment items must be submitted to the Facilitator in whose class you are enrolled on myUNSW and Moodle.


Consist of 2 intensive (Face to Face) weekends during the session. The weekend classes are normally held on Saturday & Sunday (9am-5pm). In 2020 we are trialling a couple of Friday & Saturday Intensives in T2 & T3. Attendance at all dates for the duration of the day is compulsory. Intensives may also include teleconferences or video conferences in Week 1. Preparation work, assignments and reading activities are scheduled around the intensive weekends, ie coursework starts in earnest well before the Intensive weekends. You may also be asked to participate in weekly online dialogues prior to and after intensive weekends for the duration of the course.

Please note that for dates and information about Social Impact intensive courses, students should contact or visit the Social Impact website (or see page 5 of this document). Social Impactive intensive courses may take a different format to regular AGSM Intensives.


Are delivered in a flexible weekly format and do not have scheduled face-to-face meetings. Readings, learning activities and assessments are accessible online. Students are expected to log on to the course site on a regular basis, i.e. several times each week. Online courses require regular online participation such as posts to discussion threads. Many online courses include prescheduled teleconferences or video conferences. Dates and details of the video or teleconferences will be made available by the Facilitator prior to the commencement of class.


Executive Blueprint (EB) is the recommended starter course for Stage 1 of the MBAE. It is delivered as an intensive residential cohort experience (3 days & 2 nights). Residentials require 100% attendance. Residential course materials are available on Moodle approximately 4 weeks prior to the Residential start dates.

The Executive Agenda Year (EAY)* is a mandatory immersive eleven month program in Stage 2 of the MBA (Executive Program). EAY adapts an integrated learning framework of ‘knowing, doing, being’ and provides a transformational learning experience that will support your professional development goals.

Students participate in four residential learning experiences, bringing together Australia's best and brightest for an experience that has an extraordinary impact on leadership careers. AGSM organises catering and accommodation and it is mandatory that students attend all sessions and stay on-site for the duration.

*Please note that your residential fee covers accommodation and catering.

Please contact the Student Experience Team ( for further details.

Workload and participation

Students should expect to spend 10-12 hours per week studying, as for other course formats. The level of participation and contribution to (online) discussions is expected to be similar to that in other course formats.

We caution against enrolling in 2 courses as it often impacts your learning experience and results.

Course materials are available on Moodle approximately 4 weeks prior to the commencement of session.

Some courses have a final exam (online or take-home) in week 13. Please refer to the Course overview or Assessment Summary Document for further information.

Early registration in a class is advised to secure preferred venues and class times. Popular classes fill quickly. Please don’t register for a class you don’t intend to proceed with as this impacts your colleagues and the viability of scheduled offerings. Classes with low enrolments at the end of the enrolment period may be cancelled.

Student Experience operate wait lists and, where space permits, enrolment may be facilitated until the end of week 1.

If you decide to take a break from your studies by not enrolling in consecutive sessions, you must advise Student Experience via email before the census date. AGSM relies on manual entry for Program Leave to keep you active in UNSW systems.