It is your responsibility to be familiar with these rules governing the conduct of exams.

For on-campus or invigilated exams you are required to:

  • Follow all instructions given by exam supervisors.
  • Be in your place in the exam room no less than 15 minutes before the time the exam commences
  • Display photo ID on your examination desk for the duration of the exam, such as a driver's licence or passport
  • Switch off all mobile telephones and/or any other communication equipment, including music players, before the exam commences
  • Place your bag under your seat before the exam commences. You do not have to place your items in a clear resealable bag as required in other UNSW exams
  • Answer all questions in English
  • Return the exam question paper along with the completed exam answer booklets at the conclusion of the exam
  • Be well for your exam - if you are unfit for your exam please consult your doctor and obtain a medical certificate for the period you are unwell. You cannot sit a supplementary exam once you have attempted an exam. You cannot apply for Special Consideration for performance during an exam if you sit it in an unfit state

AGSM - specific policy:

  • Electronic devices are permitted into MBA Program exams (with the exception of mobile phones).
  • You may use software on your electronic device (eg for calculations & research) & refer to course materials
  • You may not communicate with other students during an exam
  • You may not take images of the exam question paper or your answers
  • Please fully charge any electrical devices prior to the exam as power supplies are not available for such purposes at the exam venues
  • AGSM Exams are supervised Open Book examinations. You may bring in printed materials, handwritten notes and textbooks of any kind
  • The AGSM permits students to bring in suitable beverages & appropriate snacks for sustenance during exams (Eg bottled water, tea/coffee, energy drinks, muesli bars, fruit etc). Please ensure that any food items have noisy wrapping removed prior to the exam commencing & remove all rubbish at the conclusion of the exam

You may not:

  • Be admitted to an exam after 30 minutes from the time the exam commences. (The exam start time includes any allocated reading time)
  • Leave the exam room before 30 minutes from the time the exam commences
  • Be re-admitted to the exam room after you have left it unless, during the full period of your absence, you have been under approved supervision. (This does not include bathroom breaks)
  • Leave the exam room during the final 10 minutes of the exam
  • Obtain assistance or endeavour to obtain assistance in your work; give or endeavour to give assistance to any other candidate; or commit any breach of good order.

At the end of your exam, please be considerate of others who are still sitting exams in adjacent rooms and once directed move quickly and quietly out of the exam room.

Your Exam Invigilator

For interstate, remote or Supplementary Exam students you will need to nominate an exam invigilator. They are essentially a contact for the AGSM to email an exam pack to, to ensure that the correct exam conditions are adhered to & return the exam answers to the AGSM.

Usually a work colleague is the logical choice, though we appreciate that this is not always feasible, especially for students who run their own company or are in the highest position in their office. Some other responsible third party suggestions would be a solicitor, Justice of the Peace, a doctor, a teacher.

If none of these are available, you can contact a local educational institution, such as a university or TAFE, who may be able to provide a location and supervisor. Please note that AGSM does not take liability for any fee incurred in organising your Exam Invigilator.

The following are not allowed:

  • Nominating a current AGSM student to be your invigilator
  • Nominating an immediate family member to be your invigilator

Your exam must be sat on the date specified in the Assessment Details section of your Study Guide, however it is up to you and your invigilator to set a time.

Exam Invigilator form

The online AGSM Invigilator form is available on the Timetables & Key Dates page.

If you have questions about your exam or the AGSM Invigilator Form, please email studentexperience@agsm.edu.au

Changing your Exam Invigilator

If the person you have nominated becomes unavailable you must submit a new AGSM Invigilator Form via email. If your invigilator changes less than one week prior to the date the exam is scheduled for, you should contact studentexperience@agsm.edu.au with your new invigilator details, or call Student Experience on (+61 2) 9931 9400.

Special Consideration

If you are unable to attend your exam you may be eligible to apply for special consideration. Please check that you meet the criteria for special consideration by checking the UNSW Special Consideration policy.

How to apply for Special Consideration