iBooks transition and support

Digitisation strategy

AGSM’s digital revolution signifies an important step into the next era of blended learning experiences. New electronic course content is being created and alongside the distribution of new iPads we will deliver a more interactive, technologically-enabled experience using significantly less paper. This blended learning style of education means you will be able to learn through delivery of content via online media, giving you more control to over the place and time you study.

The move to digital course material is built on a strong history of online learning at UNSW - Moodle has been the university’s eLearning platform for a considerable period of time, and prior to that, Blackboard. We’ve also taken everything we’ve learned over 20 years of online program delivery of the world-renowned Master of Business & Technology program and applied it to the rollout of digital course materials as part of this strategy.

Benefits of iBooks & eTexts

AGSM’s Digitisation Project is aimed at improving learning outcomes by innovating and constantly seeking best practice approaches. Using Electronic course notes via iBooks and eTexts is part of this approach. iBooks and eTexts are much more than just an online PDF copy of the print version. These digital offerings come with additional functionality including things like:

  • 'Search' functionality which allows you to search the text for keywords to quickly find and access relevant information
  • 'Highlighting' features to apply different colours to various portions of the text to order, prioritise and keep track of important information
  • a 'Notes' feature to add your own summaries and annotations to the text
  • Members of study groups can share notes and highlights with other members of the group

Transition period

As we move course materials from printed notes to digital format, we have a range of resources available to assist with transitioning to online learning. We understand that not all students prefer or enjoy learning via a device, so we hope these resources will assist your learning journey. Click here to access online learning resources.

When completing your course exercises on the iPad, you can also access exercises for each unit on Moodle as PDFs. You can also annotate these files electronically and/or print these as hard copies. Click here to access Moodle.

If you wish to purchase your course content as printed materials, you may do so via the UNSW Bookshop.