Register and getting started with your iPad

Preparing leaders for the great unknown, now and into the next era of content delivery

AGSM course materials are digital, delivered via Apple iBooks. To ensure all students can access these materials, a complimentary iPad is available to you.

Select the complimentary iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi, or upgrade your device in memory, features and/or model at a fraction of the cost, as you will only pay the difference between the complimentary device and your chosen upgrade. We appreciate many of you may already own an iPad and you can use this for your course materials if you would prefer.

If you believe you are eligible to receive an iPad, please click on the link below and review the AGSM Terms and Conditions under which the iPad is given to you. You will then be prompted to select your device. Please note that payment for upgrade must be paid at the point of selecting your device.

Read the Terms and Conditions and submit your request to receive an iPad

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