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Recommended pdf readers

Downloading and accessing Zip files

To extract compressed files i.e. download course units that have been uploaded as .zip files, you can use Adobe PDF reader, or alternatively download free app iZip, which can extract .zip and .rar files. Download iZip to find out more.

Using electronic textbooks (eTexts)

To get the most value out of your electronic textbook, it is highly recommended that you watch the tutorial videos.

To watch the videos, first open the link and register with Bookshelf (VitalSource Technologies).

The app that you will need to access the textbook on your personal computers and devices can also be found on this support page (n.b. the app is called “Bookshelf” by VitalSource Technologies).

If you run into any difficulty there is also a 24/7 instant-messaging help service run by VitalSource Technologies (click the “Help” button at the bottom right of the support webpage and simply type your query).