The Business Of… Ethical Leadership

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About the episode

In business, the practice of doing well and doing good can sometimes seem like a paradox. However, as the notion that a primary purpose of business should be to contribute to a better society gains momentum, leaders have a fresh mandate to balance social, economic and environmental objectives with bottom line results.

In this episode of the AGSM 'Business Of ...' leadership podcast, we explore the intricacies of ethical leadership and the challenges and opportunities leaders face when combining profit with purpose.

Host Emma Lo Russo is joined by Dr. Simon Longstaff, Author and Executive Director of the Ethics Centre. Simon shares his wisdom on how leaders can take account of their influential role in society, and tailor it to the way they go about pursuing business objectives free of hypocrisy and inaction.

We also hear from Emma Weston, CEO and Co-Founder of Agri-Digital, an organisation founded on the principles of driving trust and transparency in agricultural supply chains. Emma explains how a clear sense of purpose has laid a foundation for the AgriDigital team to build a culture of growth and innovation around.

Finally, Dr. Kristy Muir, Director at the UNSW Centre for Social Impact, shares key findings from her research on the intersection of business and social impact. Kristy provides actionable advice for leaders looking to strengthen their commitment to doing well and doing good.


  • Emma Lo Russo, (AGSM MBA Executive 2013), CEO and Co-founder of Digivizer
  • Dr. Simon Longstaff, Executive Director of the Ethics Centre
  • Emma Weston, (AGSM MBA 2006), CEO and Co-Founder of AgriDigital,
  • Professor Kristy Muir, Director at the UNSW Centre for Social Impact and Professor of Social Policy, UNSW Business School