The Business Of… Resilient Leadership

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About the episode

The way in which leaders from both public and private sectors have managed through the complex societal and economic challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic will serve as a case study of resilient leadership for years to come.

In this episode of the AGSM 'Business Of ...' leadership podcast, we turn our attention to what resilience looks like in the context of organisational culture. What was once an idea grounded in stoicism and endurance is now better shaped on principles of empathy and vulnerability - at all levels of leadership.

Host Emma Lo Russo is joined by Martin Stewart-Weeks, principal of Public Purpose Pty Ltd, and Doctor Jeffrey Tobias, founder and Managing Director of The Strategy Group and Adjunct Professor and Fellow at the Australian Graduate School of Management at UNSW Business School. Martin and Jeffrey discuss how the response to COVID-19 has built empathy, competence and trust in the government, and the learnings for other sectors.

Melanie Fisher, General Manager at Alta Corporate Psychology and Adjunct Faculty at the AGSM shares insight into how a healthy organisational culture is tethered to leadership at all levels, and its role in making businesses more resilient in the face of challenges.

Finally, we hear from Professor Frederik Anseel, Professor of Management and Associate Dean Research at UNSW Business School. Frederik shares his experience working with businesses to build a culture of resilience and innovation.


  • Emma Lo Russo, (AGSM MBA Executive 2013), CEO and Co-founder of Digivizer
  • Martin Stewart-Weeks, Independent consultant, Public Purpose Pty Ltd
  • Dr. Jeffrey Tobias, Adjunct Faculty member at AGSM @ UNSW Business School and Founder of The Strategy Group
  • Melanie Fisher, Adjunct Faculty member at AGSM @ UNSW Business School and psychologist
  • Professor Frederik Anseel, UNSW School of Management and Associate Dean Research, UNSW Business School, UNSW Sydney