Alum from day one

Being part of the UNSW Business School community means being an alum from day one. You are part of a community both on campus and throughout the world that is committed to your success as a student

What does it mean to be an alum from day one?

ALUMNUS/ALUMNA (Latin noun) refers to a male/female graduate or former student; the masculine plural is ALUMNI and the feminine plural is ALUMNAE. The masculine plural ALUMNI is used for groups composed of graduates from both sexes: the alumni of UNSW Business School.

Alumni Relations doesn’t just support graduates. We believe all our students are alums from day one. That means as a student and future graduate you are part of an expansive community of over 80,000 alumni the moment you step foot on campus. Being part of this special network will provide you with unique opportunities throughout your student years and beyond.

By participating in student and academic life you are actively shaping the culture, values and traditions of the Business School. This makes you an integral part of the UNSW Business School and alumni communities. You involvement, engagement, and commitment are the hallmarks of being an alum from day one.

Alum from day one status also confers many benefits. We offer various mentoring programs where students can meet and build relationships with alumni. Students are encourage to take advantage of these programs as they build the skills necessary for workplace success in our highly competitive and globalised world. We also host panel and career development events throughout the year that bring together students and alumni. Watch your inbox for invites to these special events.