"Education is the only thing that separates one person from another"

Graham Tuckwell

As a business graduate you understand the power of a world-class business education. But getting to university is very challenging for some of the brightest and most ambitious students. Government funding is simply not enough to ensure equitable access to university opportunities. We need alumni like you to support our scholarship appeals so we can educate today's most promising students who may otherwise never receive a tertiary education.

All financial contributions go directly to providing much needed scholarships for our most deserving students. Students like Rob had a much tougher upbringing than most. Rob's parents were alcoholics and his mother also suffered from a mental illness. Despite these challenges he was determined to press on with his studies and became Dux of his school and ultimately achieved an ATAR of 97.

"Regardless of my early life challenges, I have never thought there was something I couldn't do. Where many in my situation would have given up, I have succeeded and my drive to perform continues to burn. University is my golden opportunity to attain a life which contrasts to that of my parents." Rob

Give to the Scholarship appeal and help students like Rob receive a life-changing education at the UNSW Business School.

Your donations large and small will also help us retain the best business minds on our teaching staff and to set the agenda on tomorrow's business research.


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