AGSM 2019 Professional Forum
Ethical Leadership in an Accelerating World

Thursday, 20 June
8.30 am to 2.30 pm
Ivy Ballroom - Sydney

As we move from the Information Age to the Age of Purpose, leaders are increasingly expected to be equipped for the ‘now’ of work, harnessing disruption for positive gain. Today’s organisations – businesses, government, for-purpose and start-ups – need leaders who are progressive, resilient, ethical, inclusive and collaborative with an adaptive mindset to effectively influence Australia’s innovation agenda.

Ethical Leadership in an Accelerating World is a one-day program designed for AGSM alumni and guests. It is designed to enhance their capacity to lead in the Age of Purpose. Participants will increase their understanding of the dynamic forces impacting ethical leadership today to make strategic business decisions, uncover new market opportunities, and more effectively engage with the cynical and savvy consumer. An emphasis will be placed on how leadership behaviour impacts on industries, markets, and workforces, and the implications of inaction.


The core concepts covered in Ethical Leadership in an Accelerating World include:

  • Leading with purpose: do well + do good
  • Establishing stakeholder value AND shareholder value
  • Adaptive leadership for the Age of Purpose
  • AI, cyber security, digital privacy and the ethical use of data and technology

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Leadership in an accelerated world

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Ethical Leadership in an Accelerating World Masterclass pre-reading

The AGSM Professional Forum: Ethical Leadership in an Accelerating World Masterclass pre-reading can be accessed here.
This case study and ethical dilemmas have been designed by Professor Pamela Hanrahan UNSW Business School and Special Advisor, Australian Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking and Financial Services Sector.