The Future of Work
Preparing Leaders for
Tomorrow’s Challenges
Thursday 13 July 2017 | Sydney
1:30pm – 7:00pm

Digital disruption has rocked the way contemporary organisations operate across the globe. Artificial intelligence, the gig economy, multi-generational teams, big data/small data, and the proliferation of start-ups are just some of the forces challenging many traditional business models and the skillsets required to survive and thrive in an agile era.

Launched in 2016, the AGSM Professional Forum is designed to refresh your knowledge, as well as provide an opportunity to reconnect with the alumni and academic community over networking drinks.

The AGSM Professional Forum features leading experts describing the future of work, including Julie Trell, Head of muru-D (Telstra’s startup accelerator), Kevin Bloch, Chief Technology Officer and Managing Director of Cisco, and Marina Go, the author of "Break Through: 20 Success Strategies For Female Leaders".

In the AGSM’s 40th anniversary year, we’ll look at what we can expect in the next 40 years - and how today’s professionals can prepare for tomorrow’s challenges, unlocking their inner creativity and building capacity to increase productivity and enhance employability.

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