Advisory Board

Alumni Advisory Board members volunteer their experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to drive deeper and broader graduate engagement.

The Alumni Advisory Board is comprised of passionate alumni from the AGSM and Business School. Board members act as advisers to the UNSW Business School Dean and Alumni Relations team, are advocates for business education, and serve as ambassadors and philanthropic promoters of the School. For more information, see the Terms of Reference.

The Business School Alumni Advisory Board members are:

  • Camilla Love, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2011 (President)
  • Asha Cugati, BEc 1999
  • Elliott Donazzan, BCom 2014
  • John Forsythe, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2011
  • Wendy Holdenson, MCom 1991
  • Omkar Joshi, BCom 2011
  • Danny Kapustin, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2013
  • Nick Marks, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2009
  • David Nockels, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2003
  • Julian Sallabank, AGSM MBT 2008
  • Jolene Tan, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2014
  • Alice Tang, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2004, BCom Co-op 1998
  • Greg Wang, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2011, BCom 2001
  • Geoff Wilson, BCom 1980
  • Lali Wiratunga, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2013