Did you know there are more than 300 alumni in Canberra at any one time?

The Canberra branch brings together these talented professionals for regular catch-ups and events throughout the year. We invite you to come along, meet your fellow graduates – many of whom work in government and IT – and help us build a thriving, well-connected network.

We’re always on the hunt for inspiring speakers, business leaders, topics, venues and sponsors. Have an idea? Contact us.

Committee Members

  • President: David Nockels, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2003
  • Martin Dunn, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2003
  • Matthew Durrant, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2007
  • George Nattey, AGSM MBT 2006
  • Anthony O’Connor, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2007
  • Jason Pepper, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2007

Parliament house, canberra