Connect with UNSW Business School alumni living in Sydney. Our alumni ambassadors are dedicated to supporting the growth of the alumni community and can help you navigate our Sydney network. From events to volunteering to industry contacts, our alumni ambassadors can offer advice on how to get involved and get you connected.

  • Kristy Davison, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2008
  • Sandra Halpin, AGSM MBA 2003
  • Tina Kazmer, BCom 1998
  • Camilla Love, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2011
  • David Ng, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2012
  • Dejan Pekic, BCom 1991
  • George Powell, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2013
  • Elena Raga, MMktg 2011
  • Danielle Stock, BCom 2000
  • Yvette Tam, MCom 2004 and BEc 1999
  • Jati Teoh, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2010
  • Darren Wu, AGSM MBA (Exec) 2008

Sydney Harbour Bridge