Career Mentoring Program

Mentor a student. Transform a life.

The UNSW Business School Career Mentoring Program pairs the School's most ambitious business students with accomplished alumni and industry partners for a fifteen-week mentorship. 

During this unique time for our community, UNSW is committed to providing safe opportunities for alumni and industry partners to connect, mentor and learn. This year, mentoring sessions will be conducted 100% online.

Eligibility Criteria for Mentors:

  • Mentors must be UNSW Business School and/or AGSM graduates, or 
  • UNSW Business School industry partners
  • Mentors must have at least five years of professional business experience

The Commitment for Mentors:

  • Mentors are required to spend a minimum of five hours with one mentee over the course of fifteen weeks from 7 July to 16 October 2020

The program offers the flexibility of conducting your mentoring sessions by video (such as Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom), or by phone, email and instant messaging such as WhatsApp.

Meetings are arranged by the mentor and mentee with no formal check-ins from UNSW Business School, to allow the mentorship to develop organically.

The mentoring program is a formal university extracurricular activity that is included on students’ Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement. Therefore, it is important you commit to the minimum number of five hours to ensure your student meets the requirements for their Graduation Statement.

Mentors provide advice and guidance about career opportunities and navigating the work world post-university. The mentorship will help improve the mentee’s networking and professional skills and boost confidence, as well as clarify career goals and aspirations.

About the Student Mentees:

Mentees are domestic or international students either in their penultimate or final year of an undergraduate Business School degree or enrolled in a postgraduate Business School degree (excluding those that require professional experience). Students attend training sessions prior to the start of the mentoring program in the areas of professional behaviour, business etiquette and networking. They are coached on how to conduct a mentoring relationship, but they will often need their mentor’s help to drive the discussion and set the agenda for their mentoring sessions. For some students, this program is their very first experience in the business world.

Applications Now Open

Apply today to be an alumni mentor. Applications close 17 May 2020.

Alumni Mentor Guide 2020

2020 Program Dates

  • Official mentoring period: 7 July – 16 October 2020


Mentee Testimonials

"My mentor gave me some of the best advice I know which will stay with me for the duration of my professional career. Say YES to every opportunity – you never know where it may lead you! By taking part in CMP, I increased my knowledge and understanding of my desired industry and key skills valued in the workplace. Since taking part in CMP, I have taken the initiative and successfully secured job interviews for the upcoming year."

Sid Prasad - 4th Year Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)and Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)

"The Career Mentoring Program not only allowed me to learn and understand the Australian job market but also provided me with practical knowledge and insights from industry professionals. My mentor helped me understand the importance of having a strong personal brand and how this can create new opportunities."

Ichka Jargalsaikhan - Masters of International Business


For more information about the program contact the Alumni & Engagement Coordinator, Business at


Chartered Accountants Australia partners with UNSW Business School to deliver the Career Mentoring Program.

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