How to Validate your Startup Idea
Free online course via Coursera  |   3 hours per week
Duration: On demand (approx. 6 weeks)  |   Certificates available
Free online course | 3 hours per week | Duration: On demand (approx. 6 wks) | Certificates available

About the course

Starting a new business begins with an idea that needs to evolve through experimentation, iteration and interactions with people.​
This free online course is for existing and potential entrepreneurs who are looking for guidance and support to make their ‘great idea’ a reality. It aims to provide a realistic understanding of starting a business and guides you through the process of actively validating a startup idea in the market.

What you will be doing

This course will guide you to ‘stop tinkering alone in your garage’ and to iteratively validate how you can create value for others by interacting with them in a thoughtful manner. The course consists of 6 modules. Each module has a brief introductory video, templates and resources, and activities that encourage you to get real feedback about your idea.​

Module 1 starts with a brief introduction to entrepreneurship as an iterative process. In the next 4 modules, we will guide you as you interact with potential customers, suppliers, partners and investors and test assumptions about how your business model can create value for them. At the end of our course, we will help you to summarize what you learned from these interactions to develop a short and convincing business pitch.

You will get the most from the course, if you work on a business idea. To learn the process, almost any idea is ok, as long as you follow through and adapt.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Search for, analyse and synthesise information and advice for new ventures
  • Iteratively design and test hypotheses to generate new information to validate or evolve your business model
  • Engage relevant stakeholders to develop sustainable business relationships
  • Identify actionable business metrics and strategies to achieve related milestones
  • Succinctly present a convincing business pitch to relevant stakeholders (e.g. customers, investors, suppliers, partners)

About the teachers

Dr Martin Bliemel is a Senior Lecturer in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UNSW Business School. Martin’s research interests include entrepreneurial networks, business acceleration, and research commercialization. His award winning research has been published in several prestigious journals including Nature Nanotechnology, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, and the Entrepreneurship Research Journal. He has also won several awards for his teaching, including a highly prestigious and competitive Citation from the Office of Learning & Teaching (Australian federal government).

Dr Allya Koesoema is a lecturer in Strategic Management at UNSW Business School. Allya’s research interests include innovation management strategies, with a focus on creative and knowledge intensive industries. She has been involved in organizing the Peter Farrell Cup student entrepreneurship competition in UNSW, and her work in developing eLearning initiatives in Indonesia has previously been awarded a Global development Learning Network and national level grants.


This course is suitable for all those with an interest in entrepreneurship and in particular those that would like guidance and support in the process for making their business startup idea a reality.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Note: This course cannot be used as credit towards any UNSW program.​​​​​​​​​​​​​