MBAx is here and now

AGSM’s next generation online MBA. The MBAx is here and now.

We’ve expanded AGSM’s leading line up of MBAs to allow greater specialisation and flexibility.

If you’ve embraced the idea of a world that’s in permanent beta, the MBAx is your real-time ally. It will prepare you to seize the greatest opportunities in front of you, by inspiring your mastery of now.

Our innovative new MBAx is the first to offer the ability to specialise within your MBA, whilst studying online.

MBAx offers four MBA specialisations– MBA (Technology), MBA (Change), MBA (Social Impact) and MBA (Operational Excellence), with more to follow in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why MBAx?

In introducing an online specialised MBA (MBAx), AGSM is responding to a growing market need for a high quality, online MBA offering by a recognised business school, which allows students to deepen their knowledge of a particular area. This will diversify AGSM’s portfolio of offerings, strengthening the AGSM brand and attracting a new wave of talented students to the school. The admission and progression standards in the MBAx degree will be consistent with the MBA (full-time) and MBA (Executive), ensuring that AGSM maintains its position as the number one business school in Australia.

Q What is the mode of delivery for MBAx?

MBAx courses will all be offered online. In some cases, MBAx courses will be offered in face-to-face mode as well, though this is not guaranteed and will depend on demand. MBT courses will continue to be offered synchronously (face-to-face) and asynchronously (online).

Q What are the MBAx Specialisations?

The specialisations are Technology, Change, Social Impact and Operational Excellence.

Q Why is the MBAx cheaper than MBA (Executive)?

The MBAx fees are consistent with the MBA (Executive) fees, however the MBA (Specialised) is made up of 72 units of credit (12 courses) whereas the MBA (Executive) is made up of 96 units of credit (16 courses).

Q Does the MBAx run on a semester or trimester model?

In 2016, the MBAx moved to a three session model to align with other programs at AGSM e.g. the MBA (Executive), the GCCM, and the MBA (full-time).

Q What is the difference between MBT and MBA (Technology)?

The MBA (Technology) and the MBT share many similarities. The MBA (Technology) has a structure of 6 core and 6 specialisation courses, which is different to the existing MBT Program. The MBA (Technology) was created to recognising consistent feedback from MBT students and alumni that the MBT Program is very similar to an MBA in Technology.

Q Can students change programs from MBT to MBAx?

Yes. Current MBT students can complete up to 10 courses in the MBT Program and apply for an internal program transfer to the MBA (Technology), completing the final 2 courses in that program. If current MBT students wish to graduate with the Master of Business and Technology, they will have until the end of Semester 1 2019 to complete that program.

Q Will the MBAx eventually replace the MBT program?

Yes. Although the MBT program will be replaced by the MBA (Technology) specialisation over time, the MBT degree will continue to be recognised as a premium program from the AGSM. The new program builds on the success of the MBT program, which all alumni and current students have contributed to.

Q How will this impact the value of the MBT?

In changing the MBT program to the MBA (Technology), AGSM has listened to feedback from current students and alumni and made the degree more recognisable internationally. The new program will increase the recognition of the MBT degree, strengthen the AGSM brand and match growing market demand for a high quality online MBA. The MBT will remain an internationally recognised degree and the cornerstone program of quality online learning, which the AGSM is renowned for.

Q Can I study MBAx without a specialisation?

No. The MBAx is a specialised MBA which means that you must choose a particular specialisation during your degree. This allows you to graduate with a degree in general management plus an area of specialisation. You will initially enrol in an ‘undeclared’ plan, and can choose your specialisation later in your studies. Please note that it is the responsibility of each student to ensure that they enrol in the right sequence of courses for the specialisation they wish to choose.