Orion Initiative Orion initiative

Only 5% of millennials choose the right career the first time around. University is the time to experiment, gain valuable real-world experience and discover what works for you.

A partnership between UNSW Business School and QLC.io, the Orion Initiative is an opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate business students to get involved with start-ups and social enterprise programs from Asia for six weeks. There are up to 200 places available.

You'll have the opportunity to learn how to build a business from the ground up, working online and remotely in small teams. Participating students will have access to our community of Corporate Coaches, who add an extra layer of personal and professional skills development for the duration of your project. They'll give insight on what it's like working at some of the most sought after companies in the world (think LinkedIn, Uber, Accenture), how to find a job overseas, as well as help you whip up your pitching and leadership skills into shape.

What is QLC.io?

A Singaporean company co-founded by Will Fan, our UNSW Business School alumni, QLC.io offers an opportunity for millennials to explore alternative career and lifestyle experiences. They understand the challenges of millennials today and their aim is to help you as students build your skills and confidence through their projects in Asia. QLC.io wants to inspire you to try something different today, suited to your interests, goals and personal pursuits, to help you make a considered career decision.

How does it work?

1. Apply now

Head to the registration page to tell us your story; what makes you excited to start the day, and where you would like to take your career or your life! Applications are now open.

2. Choose an area of interest

Read through the areas of specialisation (Digital Marketing, Data Analytics and Business Development) and note them in your application, This will help us to pair you with the most appropriate company to further your skills and passions.

3. Get paired

QLC.io will pair you with an innovative technology business based on your skills, background and personal goals.

4. Take off!

Once you've been placed, get ready to spend 6 weeks accelerating your career with exciting opportunities and connecting with like-minded people around the world. Commencing in September 2016, projects are part-time and remote.

5. Mentor Coaching

When you are on placement with your team, you will have access to top notch mentors not only from your respective companies but also from LinkedIn and Accenture to guide you through the process and lend insight into any challenges.

6. Accreditation

Orion Initiative now counts towards AHEGS accreditation. Not only do you get great experience working with upcoming companies and Industry leaders, but you get a supplementary transcript at the ceremony to celebrate the end of the internship.

Areas you can explore

Digital Marketing
Data Analytics
Business Development
woman working at desk

Grow your connections

Meet a global network of like-minded individuals and connect through QLC.io's communication platform and weekly webinars hosted by industry professionals.

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Try-out a new career path

Gain real-world experience in your area of interest while getting your hands dirty at some of Asia's most exciting tech businesses.

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Training that matters

Get access to online toolkits and training material curated by the QLC.io team that can help you gain better insight into your project industry and role.

A few of the companies you could be working with


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Data StreamX

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Made Real

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