Peter Farrell Cup

Past Finalists

Mini Epi Case Study

Team members Andrew Fong, Andrew Ham, Samantha Seeto and Benjamin Dalby participated in the 2016 Peter Farrell Cup Competition. Their start-up, Mini Epi focuses on an idea to design and produce a more portable version of the EpiPen, to enable users to have their life-saving medication handy when they need it, and to potentially save lives by making sure that they have their medication in an emergency.


The Peter Farrell Cup seemed like a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people, to see and share ideas, and to create some exposure in a great community of people interested in innovation and start-ups. Of course, the bonus was the opportunity to gain some much-needed funds to get our start-up underway.

Competition Strategy

Our strategy came from belief that we had a great idea, and we just needed people to see that. From there, we undertook market research and built prototypes to confirm that users liked our idea and wanted it, and to show that we can do what we said we could. We pitched to each other, and anyone who would listen, and tried to get advice and help from as many people as we could.

Where are you now?

Our start-up is now in the process of finalising the design that we pitched at the finals, to have it ready for manufacture. We are looking at possible partnerships with a pharmaceutical company to supply the drug for our device, and we are working through the considerable regulatory process and associated with commercialising a medical device.

Words of Advice

  • Showcase a product to the audience: Having a product to show people helps a lot. It shows that you can deliver, and it gets people really excited!
  • People can tell if you believe in your start-up idea: If you are confident that what you have can succeed, and you bring that to a pitch, then others will see it too.

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