Peter Farrell Cup

Past winners

Many ideas developed through the PFC go on to become real businesses – such as our 2010 winners, who established, popular Taxi app goCatch and 2013 winner, Conscious Step.

The three founders of Conscious Step, Hassan Ahmad, Adam Long and Prashant Mehta, fund solutions for the world’s biggest challenges by partnering their boldly-designed, organic fair-trade cotton socks with specific not-for-profit organisations. After winning the Peter Farrell Cup, they crowdfunded $23,209 on Indiegogo and shipped their first batch of 8,000 socks. They are now based in New York and have partnered with a major retail outlet.

The entire process of the competition – learning how to craft a business plan, fostering a mentorship relationship, and refining and presenting a three minute pitch – has been immensely beneficial, both personally as an aspiring entrepreneur and for Conscious Step.

Hassan Ahmed, co-founder, Conscious Step PFC winners in 2015
PFC winners in 2015
  • 1st Place – Riviera
    A start-up that aims to transform the way we use carparks by bringing to market a ticketless and cashless parking system.
  • 2nd Prize – Syn&Co
    A small bio-charger to charge mobile devices, which is renewable and self-charging.
  • 3rd prize – Ultinerary
    A peer-to-peer online marketplace, where users can buy and sell travel itineraries.
  • People's Choice Award – UNSW Jailbreak
    An innovative charity concept, UNSW Jailbreak is an amazing race that aims to raise money to provide accessible education for secondary students.
PFC winners in 2014
  • 1st Place – PathoZap Inc.
    Their product can reduce post- surgical infection by applying nitrogen oxide technology to medical devices using a spray or gel.
  • 2nd Prize – Morphware
    Innovative wearable tech provides athletes with real-time performance data when the temperature of isolated muscle groups increases.
  • 3rd prize – Bionosticks
    An affordable, fast, non-invasive test for the accurate detection of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Honorary Prizes – Eco Paint and Booklink
  • Management Award – PEERS