COMM5714 Social Impact Capstone

6 Units of Credit
UNSW Business School

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This course is the compulsory capstone course in the Business Administration (Specialised) – 8625 Social Impact - MNGTKS8625 Stream. This course must be taken at the end of your program. You must complete at least 48 units of credit (48 UoC) – eight courses – before you will be permitted to enroll in this capstone course. The main aim of the capstone course is to enable graduates to synthesize all their learning from across the MBAX Social Impact program and, to achieve a common understanding of the degree qualification. The capstone course will add significant value to your Master's degree by building on your knowledge and skills from across the core business discipline courses within the MBAX Social Impact program financial, legal, marketing, etc.) in addition to the specialist knowledge and skills in Social Impact that you have developed throughout your study and professional experience. As a graduate of MBAX (Social Impact) program it is expected that you will be able to perform effectively at a high level across social impact field within either the corporate, social purpose, or government sectors. You should now be able to demonstrate effective leadership and management in the field of Social Impact by combining strong generic strategic management skills with specialist social impact expertise.