ECON2322 European Economic Development

6 Units of Credit

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The objective of the course is to impart a knowledge and understanding of the institutions, current policies and likely directions of economic and social change within the European Union. This involves consideration of nation states which, through historical circumstances, have created differing institutional and policy directions (and in the case of Eastern Europe a different socioeconomic system) that now are in the course of being melded. Specific topics considered include the process towards a single market, the problems and implications of monetary integration, the trade distortions arising from the Common Agricultural Policy, the collapse of the Soviet system and the widening of the European Union, the operation of European multinationals, the process of privatisation in Europe, and European integration in relation to Australia and Asia. The course is of relevance not only to those interested in European issues. It also has implications for other regional arrangements (ASEAN and NAFTA) which are at an earlier stage in the integration process.