INFS3020 International IS/IT Practicum

6 Units of Credit
Info Systems & Tech Mgmt

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This course affords students the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of international aspect of information systems/technology (IS/IT) business operations (e.g. global IS/IT teams, distributed systems development, eBusiness, and localisation management) through the first-hand observation of businesses in Asian countries such as China, India, Hong Kong, and South Korea. The central components of the course include a series of seminars and a two-week study tour to one Asian country, in which a number of leading international and national companies, including companies operating in the IS/IT sector and those in other sectors with a significant IS/IT footprint, will be visited in order to enable students to develop an appreciation of the ways in which IS/IT-enabled business operations and business systems differ across national boundaries. Students are required to prepare a written assignment based on the field trip at the end of the tour based on their observations of the businesses and the country. A group presentation and personal reflection report are to be delivered prior to the end of the semester 2. Please note As course numbers are limited, only students who successfully proceed through the selection process will be able to enrol in this course. This course will be offered in intensive mode during July 2017.