INFS3605 Information Systems Innovation & Transformation

6 Units of Credit
Info Systems & Tech Mgmt

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Project 2 is a capstone course focusing on the implementation phase of the development of information systems. The earlier phases of requirements and design have been considered in previous information systems courses (see prerequisites). You will work in a team to experience the system development process. The vehicle for the practical component is a specification of a non-trivial information system which will be implemented by teams in the Java programming language. Project 2 considers in detail the issues of coding and implementing quality information systems in an organisational context. These issues include identifying attributes of quality, project management (resource management), project effort estimation, software testing, maintenance, evaluation of software products and processes. Quality is an overarching issue that is a consideration within the domain of all the above issues and is a unifying theme throughout the whole course. To achieve the objectives of the course the concepts, principles and theoretical approaches outlined in the weekly lectures are reinforced by the practical components of the course. The majority of the lecture material will be directly related to the practical component of the course.