INFS4831 Information Systems Consulting

6 Units of Credit
Info Systems & Tech Mgmt

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This is a Level 4 Information Systems (IS) course that familiarises students with the key concepts, practices and issues relevant to engaging and providing IS consulting services. The lectures cover a range of themes related to the content and practice of IS consulting, including relevant theories to illustrate how IS consultants engage with organisations and help them solve business problems. In addition, lectures address the challenges and opportunities in contemporary business environments driven by technological advancements. The weekly lectures encourage students to reflect on and apply these concepts to examples and cases from practice. The topics covered in the course include both the IS consulting process and content. On the process side, the course looks at topics such as style, communication, and stakeholder management. On the content side, the course considers a range of contemporary issues in IS consulting, revolving around the organisational impact of key technology trends that drive the demand for IS consulting, such as crowdsourcing, social media, business analytics, service innovation, security and privacy.