INFS4886 Principles of Research Design

6 Units of Credit
Info Systems & Tech Mgmt

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This is a Level 4 Information Systems (IS) course that continues students’ study of IS by furthering their knowledge and skills in relation to research design. This course focuses on the understanding of IS research philosophies and design. Students will develop practical skills in developing instruments for both qualitative and quantitative methods. Topics to be covered in the lectures include an overview of the research process, theory and theorising, critiquing a research paper, conducting a systematic literature review, writing a literature review, conceptual modelling and research design, archival research, case studies, surveys, experimental and simulation research, action and design research, and writing and defending a research proposal. During the weekly practical workshops, students will learn to develop a research proposal and be able to evaluate the quality of their own, and their peers’ research designs. Students will also research and analyse current trends in various IS topics and present a research proposal at the end of the course.