INFS5929 Managing IS / IT Risk

6 Units of Credit
Info Systems & Tech Mgmt

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Information systems and information technology (IS/IT) underpin the operation of most facets of most organisations. IS/IT provide means by which organisations process their transactions, the mechanisms by which business stakeholders communicate, the information required to manage the performance of the business, and the capability for the business to pursue its strategic plans. The reliance on IS/IT by organisations does, however, involve a broad range of risks to both the IS/IT itself and to the organisation, and these risks need to identified and managed. These risks relate to the correct operation of the systems themselves, the integrity and security of the data, information and intellectual property they manage, the development and implementation of new systems and the improvement of existing systems. Poor management of these IS/IT risks can create business risks that have implications for the business’s ability to continue its day to day operations, meet its obligations, it reputation and its strategic plans. This course investigates these risks in a systematic manner and looks at the current theory, methods and best practice for their identification, assessment, analysis and mitigation.