INFS5936 IS Executive Capstone Report

12 Units of Credit
Info Systems & Tech Mgmt

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This is a capstone course offering each student the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the theory and practice of information systems management by applying the knowledge and skills gained in the Master of Information Systems Management (MIS) program to a project of the students’ choice. This is done by completing a project report reflecting the cumulative knowledge gained from these experiences. Ideally this course should be completed in the last session of the MIS program.As well as demonstrating their understanding of the major theoretical and methodological principles within their discipline, students will consider the ethical and social responsibilities associated with their area of study and will have looked to the future to understand how their studies have prepared them for a career or further study. The assessment tasks in the course are designed to allow students to demonstrate that they have met the Graduate Attributes for their area of study.This course is focused on developing practical research skills for use in organisational settings. The course will be student-centred and seminar driven. The research project will then be shared with the school through students’ participation in a mini-conference at the end of the course.