MARK1014 Customer Relationship Management

6 Units of Credit

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) lies at the heart of marketing and management consulting. It has long been the backbone of industrial, trade, purchasing and services marketing, and the trend in recent years has been to use CRM techniques in dealing with final consumers as well. A purpose of the course is to develop relationship-building skills, in areas such as personal selling, direct marketing and commercial negotiations. Another goal is to demonstrate the role of new technology in widening the scope and potential of CRM, especially through the use of interactive and personalisation technologies. Topics include CRM, loyalty and retention marketing; traditional methods of direct marketing and personal selling; commercial negotiations for lasting results; technology-based methods of relationship-building with customers, including interactive and e-customer management; permission marketing, data protection and privacy concerns. Exercises and cases are an integral part of the course, and this may require some flexibility with the timing of classes.